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  ooking great on your wedding day isn't just about your hair and make-up - it's also about maximizing your inner glow. More than ever, today's bride has many options when it comes to improving their overall health and well-being. From relaxing aromatherapy sessions that bring peace of mind to spa treatments with slimming results, hitting the spa before your wedding has become a definite "I do!"

Bridal Beauty

Planning and preparation are both key when it comes to hosting the perfect wedding, but they're also very important elements when it comes to making sure your appearance really pops! Today's modern bride can avoid looking totally outdated or overdone by doing their own research and consulting with her favorite beauty professionals before booking them for the wedding day.
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Pre-Wedding Pampering

You're stressed, you can't sleep and the caterer still hasn't signed off on the reception contract. Before you launch into bridezilla mode, reward yourself with a trip to the spa. From Botox injections to energizing beauty treatments, you'll find yourself looking and feeling refreshed (even if the florist bails at the last minute).
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Spa Activities for your Bridal Party

Does your maid of honor desperately need a mani or a pedi? Do your bridesmaids deserve body wraps? Pamper the ones you love - plan the perfect spa trip for you and your bridal party with these helpful tips and tools.
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Pre-Wedding and Honeymoon Spa Getaways

Can't wait to spend quality time with your husband-to-be? Find out how to plan the ultimate his and her spa day and what to look for when it comes to creating an unforgettable honeymoon spa package.
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