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Get even more from your spa experience.

Enroll in Spa Week’s MyWellness Rewards program and start earning Wellness Points towards Spa & Wellness Gift Cards, products and more perks that complement your healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Not only can you redeem points for lots of wellness goodies, but you can also unlock secret, exclusive badges and VIP status for the National Spa Week Events and other hush, hush happenings.

How It Works

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Create a FREE Account

Create a free MyWellness Rewards account using your email address. Connect your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to start earning points right away.

Earn Points

Purchase. Refer. Share.

Getting points is easy. Once you enroll, check out everything SpaWeek.com has to offer and see how quickly you can start earning Wellness Points.

Get Rewarded

Products. Prizes. Perks.

Check out all the awesome products, prizes and perks inside your member account. Redeem your Wellness Points to get the goods.

Start Earning

Earn 150 Wellness Points just for enrolling.

Don’t miss out on all the ways you can earn even more points during the Spa Week Event.

  • Shop Till You Drop

    Earn 5 points for every dollar spent on Spa & Wellness Gift Cards.

  • Refer

    Earn up to 50 points when you refer a friend to purchase or enroll in MyWellness Rewards.

  • Check In

    Earn 15 points when you check into your Spa Week appointment on Foursquare.

  • Enter a Giveaway

    Earn 20 points for entering a sponmsor's giveaway on SpaWeek.com.

  • Spread the Love

    Earn up to 150 points for emailing or tweeting about Spa Week and/or commenting on our blog.

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