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FAQs - About Our Gift Cards

Where can I use my Gift Card/eGift Card?
Visit the Gift Card Directory to search over 8,000 spas that accept the Spa & Wellness Gift Card.

Do Gift Card/eGift Cards expire or lose value over time?
No, Gift Cards/eGift Cards do not expire or lose value.

Do I need to activate my Gift Card/eGift Card
No, you do NOT need to activate your Gift Card/eGift Card. Bring it directly to the spa and use it for payment.

Can I add tip or gratuity to my Gift Card/eGift Card
No, but it is best to ask the spa or wellness facility at which you wish to redeem your gift card if remaining value on the card can be used as tip or gratuity.

What if the spa that I found in the Gift Card Directory will not accept my Gift Card/eGift Card
Please let us know right away. You can reach us by phone at: 212.352.8098 or email at: giftcards@spaweekmedia.com

What is Spa Week's return policy on my Gift Card/eGift Card
Gift Card/eGift Cards cannot be returned, refunded, or reloaded.

Can I return my Gift Card if I bought it at a retail location
It is Spa Week's policy that Spa & Wellness Gift Cards cannot be returned, refunded or reloaded. However, Gift Cards purchased at a retail location are subject to the return/exchange policies of that particular retailer. So, it is best to ask the retailer whether the Gift Card can be returned.

Do I have to use my Gift Card ONLY during Spa Week
No. You can use your Gift Card/eGift Card any day of the year!

Can I reuse my Gift Card/eGift Card
Fixed denomination Gift Cards/eGift Cards can only be used once at a single spa, up to the value of the amount printed on the face of the Gift Card/eGift Card. Open value Gift Cards, which are loaded with any value between $25-$500, can be used multiple times, at multiple spa locations, until the full value of the card is depleted.

Will Spa Week replace my lost or stolen Gift Card/eGift Card
If you lose your Gift Card/eGift Card please call us at 212.352.8098 and we will do our best to help you with your missing card.

What if I do not spend the full value on Gift Card/eGift Card
If you have a fixed denomination card, the spa facility will issue a spa credit for the remaining balance. If you have an open value card, it can be used multiple times, at multiple locations until the full value of the card is depleted.

How do I check the balance on my Gift Card/eGift Card
Click here to check the balance on your Gift Card/eGift Card.