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Revenue 24/7

Joan C. - Scottsdale, AZ

When my business is closed, I can’t make any money

Franchise Owner

No Worries! AIMM is designed to drive multiple NEW revenue streams to your business 24/7

AIMM Solutions

return on investment

Lily N. – Queens, NY

AIMM sounds exciting but my overhead is higher than ever before and I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford it

Business Owner

This is the exact reason we created AIMM.

Once you’re fully setup, your revenues will significantly outweigh the monthly cost. Sounds crazy but the program actually pays for you to participate!

AIMM Solutions

space constraints

Natasha D. - Cleveland, OH

I need to grow my business but my space is too small

Business Owner

That’s why AIMM is so successful, it enables you to generate additional revenue without increasing your physical footprint.

AIMM Solutions

staffing issues

Gabriel H. - Miami, FL

I’d love to join but we can’t afford to hire additional staff

Spa Director

We understand...

That’s why the AIMM program is digital and doesn’t require additional staffing...

We do all the work for you!

AIMM Solutions

How Much Revenue
Can You Earn?

Use the slider to find out… (Explore the Program)

How To USE:

  • 1 Move the sliding scale to reach a potential number of Gift Cards Sold

  • 2 Move the sliding scale to reach a potential number of Products Sold

How Annual Revenue
Is Calculated*

  • 1 You keep 100% of every Gift Card Sold. less credit card fees.

  • 2 You earn 25% for each Product Sold through your eCommerce store.

  • Total Revenue Earned
  • 3 Gift Cards Sold + Products Sold = protential annual revenue earnings.

* Revenue calculation based off of the AIMM Premium Package

Average Monthly Sales

10 80
10 80

Potential Annual Revenue

$ 34,244.70

*This number shows the estimated potential net annual revenue after your monthly program cost.

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